Julie Tremblay

print information

The photographs presented on this website are digital representations of prints from 35mm, 120, and 4″×5″ negative film and digital photography. Prints are produced by traditional silver or giclée processes. All prints are mounted and framed using archival materials. Prints can be custom mounted and framed on request.

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Silver Print

Silver prints are produced using gelatin as an emulsion to bind light sensitive silver salts (usually silver bromides or silver chlorides) to a paper or other support. After a brief exposure to a negative (under an enlarger), the print is immersed in chemicals to allow the image to develop. Printing in silver is a straightforward procedure, but it usually takes many attempts, using subtle variations, to arrive at a final interpretation of the negative.

The silver print's smooth surface presents the clearest possible transcription of the image formed by the camera lens. The silver medium has an extraordinary range of density from black to white and is perfect for pictures that demand a brilliant presentation with maximum retention of detail. I produce silver prints in my own lab on fiber-base papers, processed to archival standards.

Giclée Print

Giclée prints are digital water color prints. Negatives are scanned with an Imacon Flextight scanner; digital files are imported into a digital workstation. The digital file is then corrected to match the original and printed on archival paper with archival inks for maximum print stability. Life expectancy is rated between 110-125 years. I produce giclée prints in my studio on archival paper.

Additional Information

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