Julie Tremblay


I can frame any photograph that you purchase from me. If you choose to have your photograph framed elsewhere, here are some tips:

First, always insist that your framer use 100% acid-free archival framing materials. Mat board and foam core that contains acid will yellow over time and eventually destroy the photograph.

Second, photographs should never touch the glass. There are a couple of ways to create a space between the glass and the photograph. You can use a piece of matboard, or use spacers inside the frame molding.

traditional matting

The traditional method is to place a piece of matboard over the photograph, with a window slightly smaller than the photograph cut out. The photograph is revealed through the window of the matboard. The glass touches the matboard, not the photograph.

matting a deckle edge

If the photograph has a deckle edge that you want to show, you can still use matboard but you would cut the window slightly larger than the outside of the deckle edge.


A float is used when you want to see the deckle edges of the photograph without using matboard. Spacers are inserted between the photograph and the glass, hidden inside the edges of the frame, to create the necessary space between the glass and the photograph for a cleaner, more contemporary look.